A Mechanical Analysis of Chemically Stimulated Linear Shape Memory Polymer Actuation
H.Dumlu, A.Marquardt, E.M.Zirdehi, F.Varnik, Y.Shen, K.Neuking, G.Eggeler
Materials 2021, 14, 481 (
Effect of interface dislocations on mass flow during high temperature and low stress creep of single crystal Ni-base superalloys
J.He, L.Cao, S.K.Makineni, B.Gault, G.Eggeler
Scripta Materialia 191 (2021) 23-28
Dislocation networks in gamma/gamma̕-microstructures formed during selective laser melting of a Ni-base superalloy
L.Heep, C.Schwalbe, C.Heinze, A.Dlouhy, C.M.F.Rae, G.Eggeler
Scripta Materialia 190 (2021) 121-125
Thermoelastic properties and gamma'-solvus temperatures of single-crystal Ni-base superalloys
O.M.Horst, D.Schmitz, J.Schreuer, P.Git, H.Wang, C.Körner, G.Eggeler
J. Mater. Sci., 56 (2021) pp. 7637-7658
Degradation behaviour of the MgO/HA surface ceramic nano-composites in the simulated body fluid and its use as a potential bone implant
V.Khalili, J.Frenzel, G.Eggeler
Materials Chemistry and Physics 258 (2021) 123965
Surface metal matrix nano-composite of magnesium/hydroxyapatite produced by stir-centrifugal casting
V.Khalili, S.Moslemi, B.Ruttert, J.Frenzel, W.Theisen, G.Eggeler
Surface & Coatings Technology 406 (2021) 126654,
Effect of off-stochiometric compositions on microstructures and phase transformation behaviour in Ni-Cu-Pd-Ti-Zr-Hf high entropy shape memory alloys
D.Piorunek, O.Oluwabi, J.Frenzel, A.Kostka, H.J.Maier, C.Somsen, G.Eggeler
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 857 (2021) 157467
Effect of cooling rate on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a low-carbon low-alloyed steel
H.Wang, L.Cao, Y.Li, M.Schneider, E.Detemple, G.Eggeler
J. Mater. Sci. (2021) 56: 11098-11113,
On the Size Effect of Additives in Amorphous Shape Memory Polymers
E.M.Zirdehi, H.Dumlu, G.Eggeler, F.Varnik
Materials 2021, 14, 327.
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