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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Eggeler
Lehrstuhl Werkstoffwissenschaft (WW)
Institut für Werkstoffe
Fakultät für Maschinenbau
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Universitätsstr. 150
D-44780 Bochum

Gebäude ICFO, Ebene 04, Raum 311
Activities: Professor
Gunther Eggeler is head of the Chair for Materials Science and Engineering since 1995. Since 2012 he is director of the collaborative research centre SFB/Transregio 103 - From Atoms to Turbine Blades - Scientific Basis for a new Generation of Single Crystal Super Alloys. From 2000 to 2011 he was director of the collaborative research centre SFB 459 - Formgedächtnistechnik (Shape Memory Technology). Since 2017, he is director of MRD (Materials Research Department) of RUB. He is member of the scientific advisory boards of ICOMAT (International Conference on Martensitic Transformations) and ICSMA (International Conference on Strength of Materials). He is leader of a high temperature materials research group at the Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) and full member of the North Rhine Westphalian Academy of Sciences. As material scientist Gunther Eggeler studies elementary microstructural processes which govern the deformation and transformation behaviour of structural and functional engineering materials.

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