Materials for Aerospace Applications

(Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marion Bartsch)

The series of lectures provides a comprehensive overview of high performance materials for aerospace applications. These include the classic materials and material systems as well as new developments and visionary concepts. The students learn how materials and material systems are designed to be \'light and reliable\' under extreme service conditions such as fatigue loading, high temperatures, and harsh environments (e.g. for applications in aero-engines, rocket engines, thermal protection shields for reentry vehicles, light weight structures for airframes, wings, and satellites). The students learn that material degradation has to be taken into account and that damage accumulates. Important basics of characterization and testing methods are introduced and their use in qualifying materials and joints for aerospace applications is outlined. Moreover, concepts and methods for lifetime assessment of air- and spacecrafts (structures and engines) are presented. The classes are held in the winter semester on Fridays from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon.

Lecture Announcement WS19_20

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