Polymers and shape memory alloys

(Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Neuking, Dr.-Ing. Jan Frenzel)

The module addresses students (bachelor courses, mechanical engineering) and consists of two lecture series. In the lectures on engineering polymers, first the basics of polymer materials are repeated. Then emphasis is placed on the macromolecular morphology of solid polymers. Important characterization methods like transmitted light optical microscopy and IR-spectroscopy are discussed. Moreover special mechanical test procedures for assessing the mechanical properties are introduced.

An important teaching objective is the acquisition and interpretation of mechanical and functional properties (to name but a few: viscous flow, damping, entropy elasticity and the shape memory effect in polymers). Finally polymer materials with special properties are discussed like particle or fibre reinforced polymers and high temperature polymers. In the classes on shape memory alloys first basic principles are repeated to establish common ground. Subsequently, the physical and crystallographic fundamentals of the martensitic transformation are discussed in the light of the latest results from materials research. This involves taking a close look at thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of the martensitic transformations. Then advanced topics of shape memory alloy research are introduced and discussed. These involve modern processing technologies, the functional and structural fatigue of shape memory alloys and the development of new shape memory alloys (e.g. with low thermal hysteresis or with higher transformation temperatures). The classes are held in the summer semester on Thursdays from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Lecture Announcement SS18:

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