International Max Planck Research School SurMat - Modul T1

IMPRS-SurMat offers particularly gifted students holding a master\'s degree from all over the world, the opportunity to obtain a doctorate in a first-class scientific environment on topics relating to surface-dominated material properties. (Information on IMPR-SurMat: -> Research School). In addition to their research activities, the IMPRS SurMat students are required to complete four block courses followed by an examination. Prof. Martin Stratmann and Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Eggeler are the spokesmen for the International Max Planck Research School SurMat. At the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Dr. Christoph Somsen represents the interests of SurMat, working closely with the SurMat doctoral students\' respective supervisors. Together with Dr. Rebekka Loschen, the Managing Director of IMPRS SurMat and Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Raabe\'s Department of Microstructure Physics and Metal Forming, Christoph Somsen also organises the T1 teaching module, one of four teaching modules in the IMPRS-SurMat program. All doctoral students in the IMPRS-SurMat program are required to attend the first week of the T1 module. The second part of the T1 module, which takes place in the second week, is optional for the SurMat students. The T1 teaching module is designed as a two week, two piece block course. It is also attended by students and postgraduates from the Chair for Materials Science and Engineering who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge and to acquire new skills:

First week of IMPRS-SurMat (T1-1):
T1-1, Monday: Crystals and glasses, point defects and diffusion
T1-1, Tuesday: Crystal dislocations and internal interfaces
T1-1, Wednesday: Phase diagrams and phase transformations
T1-1, Thursday: Microstructures and processing of bulk and thin film materials
T1-1, Friday: Mechanical testing of structural (bulk) materials and of small scale systems

Second week of IMPRS-SurMat (T1-1):
T1-2, Monday: Basics of optical and scanning electron microscopy
T1-2, Tuesday: Mechanical properties of bulk materials and of small scale systems
T1-2, Wednesday: TEM 1 - interaction of electrons with solids, diffraction patterns
T1-2, Thursday: TEM 2 - Kikuchi line diffraction patterns, gb-analysis, analytical TEM at a glance
T1-2, Friday: Chemical analysis of materials at high lateral resolutions (including analytical TEM and atom probe analysis
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