Fundamental Aspects of Materials Science and Engineering (FAMSE)

(Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Ludwig, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Eggeler)

The course "Fundamental Aspects of Materials Science and Engineering" builds up on basic materials science knowledge and introduces a few advanced topics. We discuss why an atomistic and thermodynamic understanding is important in materials engineering. We learn about ternary phase diagrams, intermetallic phases and how combinatorial materials research works. These topics are of general importance in materials science and engineering. We then acquire specific knowledge about two material classes, which are in the focus of materials research in Bochum: Superalloy single crystals and shape memory materials. Superalloys have to withstand mechanical loads at high temperature where creep is an important deformation mechanism which governs high temperature strength. In the case of shape memory alloys, fracture mechanics concepts need to be reconsidered and structural and functional fatigue are equally important. Shape memory polymers also show the shape memory effect but we will see that the elementary processes which govern shape recovery are different from what we have learned in metallic shape memory alloys.

Lecture Announcement SS 2020: