Transmission Electron Microscopy of Crystal Defects

(Prof. Dr. Antonin Dlouhy)

This series of lectures addresses advanced students of materials science and engineering who are familiar with the basics of transmission electron microscopy (prove of proficiency required) and who rely on the TEM method in their research projects. The series of lectures consists of blocks which are limited to a maximum of four students. A significant part of the lecturing is performed directly at the TEM. The series of lectures provides the basic knowledge of how to operate an advanced TEM, but the proficiency can only be maintained by users who work regularly with the instrument (two sessions per week). Primary objective of teaching is the mastering of the diffraction contrast. As a start, the physical origin of diffraction patterns and of Kikuchi line diffraction patterns in crystalline TEM foils will be discussed. Students learn how to orient crystalline regions of TEM foils using the Kikuchi maps. It will be established how a two beam contrast is adjusted and how the parameters which characterize dislocations can be determined (glide plane, directions of line elements, Burgers vectors). The basics of TEM stereo microscopy are introduced. Moreover, an introduction into modern analytical transmission electron microscopy is provided (EDAX, micro diffraction and Z-contrast). The training blocks are offered in the winter and the summer semester. There is only a limited number of places for participants available. Priority is given to those students and researchers of the Institute for Materials who need the TEM for their research work.