Materials Science of Polymers

At the Chair for Materials Science and Engineering, there had always been a small working group dealing with the production and the functional and structural properties of polymers. This group is headed by Klaus Neuking, the scientific secretary of SFB459 and of SFB/Transregio 103.

During the first two years of this reporting period, Dipl.-Ing. Stéphane Kemtchou (Fellow of the International Max Planck Research School SurMat) and Dipl.-Ing. Anwar Abu-Zarifa conducted doctoral work which dealt with the molecular and macroscopic aspects of the adhesion of polymers to NiTi shape memory alloys. Both completed their work in 2007; Dr.- Ing. S. Kemtchou works today at Vallourec & Mannesmann in Düsseldorf, while Dr.-Ing. A. Abu-Zarifa has taken a position as Assistant Professor in the Engineering Department at the Islamic University of Gaza in Palestine. From 2007 to 2011, Dr.-Ing. Christina Schmidt has been working on a thesis in the polymer group. Its focus was on the functional fatigue of shape memory polymers. Prof. A. M. S. Chowdhury, an AvH guest scholar at the Chair for Materials Science and Engineering, also participated in the research. Towards the end of the reporting period, Dipl.-Ing. Safa Mogarebi began his dissertation in the polymer group.