Processing/Advanced Study Group ICAMS

At the Chair for Materials Science and Engineering, Jan Frenzel is responsible for the productionof materials and their thermomechanical treatment. In the meantime, he has become known throughout the world for the high quality of his work performed in melting binary, ternary and quaternary shape memory alloys based upon NiTi.

Since the inception of ICAMS, Jan Frenzel organises one of the three Advanced Study Groups, which bears the title Input Data and Validation. The aim is to give the ICAMS modellers access to the experimental facilities in the Institute for Materials, particularly for demanding, advanced experimental investigations. The group has been set up to provide input and validation data for ICAMS research, where it is required. Validation experiments will also be conducted, in order to validate theoretical models. In the group led by Jan Frenzel, Dipl.-Ing. Burkhard Maaß and Dipl.-Ing. Mustafa Rahim, are working on their doctoral theses. Together with colleagues from ICAMS, from the University of Paderborn and from the LMU Munich, Jan Frenzel is preparing a new research activity focussing on high temperature shape memory alloys.