High Temperature Plasticity

The high temperature group concentrates on the elementary deformation and damage processes that govern creep of engineering materials. Dr.-Ing. F. Otto, who since September 2011 works at the ORNL in Knoxville (USA), was studying the influence of grain boundary crystallography and chemistry on creep cavity formation. Dr.-Ing. D. Kurumlu is undertaking new material investigations on the creep behaviour of fibre-reinforced aluminium alloys. Dr.-Ing. D. Peter was dealing with single and multi-axial creep of modern titanium aluminides.

PD Dr. N. Zotov conducted a German /American research project on nanoindentation for the micromechanical characterization of TBC coatings. All four projects were funded either by the DFG, or by the DFG together with the NSF.

Dipl.-Ing. Ph. Nörtershäuser and Dr.-Ing. L. Agudo have investigated microstructural changes occurring during the creep of single crystal superalloys and helped to prepare the new collaborative research centre SFB/Transregio 103 in this field.